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WPS Pin List Free

What Does It Stand For?

WPS, which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, is a network security standard crafted with the intention of streamlining the procedure for linking devices to a securely protected wireless network. It was introduced to make it easier for users to set up Wi-Fi connections without the hassle of manually entering complex passwords. WPS typically involves a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to authenticate and connect devices.

What Does WPS Mean?

WPS is a convenient method for swiftly and securely configuring a Wi-Fi network within your home. To activate it, you typically press the WPS button located on your router.

The WPS button, introduced by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2006, was designed to simplify the process of setting up wireless networks for home users, especially those with limited knowledge of network security. While some users might have found the WPS button’s purpose a bit unclear, it provided a much more user-friendly alternative to navigating complex network settings elsewhere.

The Need for a WPS Pin List Free

While WPS was created with the intention of simplifying Wi-Fi setup, there are instances where individuals may need to access their network settings but have forgotten their Wi-Fi password. This is where a WPS Pin List Free comes into play. This list compiles a range of PINs that can be used to access a Wi-Fi network when the password is forgotten or inaccessible.

Key Benefits of a WPS Pin List Free

  1. Emergency Access: It serves as a lifeline for individuals who urgently need to connect to their Wi-Fi network, such as during a crucial work assignment or an online meeting.
  2. Avoiding Data Loss: In situations where data backups or cloud access rely on a Wi-Fi connection, a WPS Pin List Free can prevent data loss.
  3. User-Friendly: It simplifies the process of accessing your own network without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Before delving into the use of a WPS Pin List Free, it is essential to address the legal and ethical aspects. Accessing a Wi-Fi network without authorization is a breach of privacy and can have serious legal consequences. In many countries, unauthorized access to computer networks is illegal and can result in criminal charges.

We strongly advise against using a WPS Pin List Free for any unlawful purposes. Always ensure that you have the appropriate authorization before attempting to access a Wi-Fi network that is not your own.

How to Use a WPS Pin List Free Safely and Responsibly

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to use a WPS Pin List Free, it is crucial to do so responsibly and within the boundaries of the law. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Obtain Authorization: Ensure that you have explicit permission from the network owner to access their Wi-Fi network using a PIN.
  2. Use Legal Sources: Only use WPS Pin Lists from reputable sources that provide PINs for authorized purposes, such as network recovery.
  3. Understand the Risks: Be aware that using a PIN from a WPS Pin List may still have legal implications, so use it as a last resort.
  4. Delete After Use: Once you have successfully connected to the network, delete the PIN and do not share it with others.

All Routers Default WPS Pin List 2023

Using the default WPS pin of your router enables wireless devices to establish a connection with the network. To connect your Wi-Fi device, you have the option to either utilize the existing default WPS pin or generate a new one. While its primary purpose is instructional, it’s essential to note that some individuals misuse this feature.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of default WPS pins for various routers, you’re in the right place.

TP LINK Pin List Download 2023

⦿ WPS-PIN: 66870913
Essid: TP-LlNK_777; TP-LINK_
Router model: TL-WR741N

⦿ Router model: TL-WR841N
WPS-PIN: 85075542

⦿ Router model: TL-WR842ND
WPS-PIN: 55117319

⦿ MODEL: TD-W8960N
WPS: 37211202

⦿ MODEL: TD-W8960N
WPS: 95817149

⦿ MODEL: TD-W8960N
WPS: 41441282

WPS: 37494506

WPS: 37489014

WPS: 37494650

⦿ MODEL: TD-W8960N
WPS: 20917784

WPS: 56738209

WPS: 40176451

WPS: 37493691

WPS: 57739601

WPS: 40184708

WPS: 93834186

WPS: 37505073

WPS: 37490034


⦿ Model: Netgear WNR2000
WPS Pin: 50292127

⦿ BSSID: 00:26:F2:41:98:2C (wlan)
BSSID: 00:26:F2:41:98:2D (ADSL) WPS: 37380342

⦿ MODEL: Netgear DGN2000
BSSID: 00:24:B2:3F:4A:EC (wlan)
BSSID: 00:24:B2:3F:4A:ED (ADSL)
WPS: 38686191

BSSID: 00:26:F2:78:FB:3E (wlan)
BSSID: 00:26:F2:78:FB:41 (ADSL)
WPS: 64426679

Netgear WPS Pin List 2023

BSSID: E0:46:9A:0A:69:4A (wlan)
BSSID: 00:25:D3:BE:2E:00 (ADSL)
WPS: 19004938

⦿ MODEL: Netgear DGN1000
BSSID: E0:91:F5:43:48:10 (wlan)
BSSID: E0:91:F5:43:48:11 (ADSL)
WPS: 82234577

⦿ MODEL: Netgear DGN1000
BSSID: 30:46:9A:1E:EE:BA (wlan)
BSSID: 30:46:9A:1E:EE:BB (ADSL)
WPS: 30022645

BSSID: 00:26:F2:41:9E:DA (wlan)
BSSID: 00:26:F2:41:9E:DB (ADSL)
WPS: 32312966

BSSID: 30:46:9A:28:A3:7A (wlan)
BSSID: 30:46:9A:28:A3:7B (ADSL)
WPS: 27334959

Belkin WPS Pin List

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 vl
BSSID: EC:1A:59:2B:92:46 (WLAN)
BSSID: EC:1A:59:2B:92:47 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121230HF102382
WPS: 19366838

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 v1
SSID: belkin.b82
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DA:1B:82 (WLAN)
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DA:1B:83 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121212HF111888
WPS: 87279320

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 v1
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DA:36:72 (WLAN)
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DA:36:73 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121212HF113612
WPS: 83469909

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 v1
SSID: belkin.630
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DB:36:30 (WLAN)
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DB:36:31 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121213HF100703
WPS: 14159114

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F7D4401
SSID: belkin.96b3
BSSID: 94:44:52:F6:B3:B5 (WLAN)
BSSID: 94:44:52:F6:B3:B6 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121107H4101566 WPS: 15310828

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F7D4401 v1
BSSID: 08:86:3B:08:55:22 (WLAN)
BSSID: 08:86:3B:08:55:23 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121110H4100034
WPS: 36323364

Netcom WPS Pin List

BSSID: 00:60:64:3E:A3:68
WPS: 13948696

SSID: wireless
BSSID: 00:60:64:3E:7E:AC (wlan)
BSSID: 00:60:64:3E:7E:A9 (ADSL)
WPS: 17002318

BSSID: 00:60:64:69:6D:0A
SERIAL: 120320008126
WPS: 71876160

Dlink WPS Pin Devices

⦿ MODEL: DIR-655
WPS-PIN: 95061771
Essid: D-Link DIR-655; dlink after reset

⦿ MODEL: DSL-2740B-F1
BSSID: 14:D6:4D:91:C2:73 (wlan)
BSSID: 14:D6:4D:91:C2:72 (ADSL)
WPS: 44686871

⦿ MODEL: DSL-2740B
BSSID: 14:D6:4D:F3:F8:E8 (wlan)
BSSID: 14:D6:4D:F3:F8:E7 (ADSL)
WPS: 59185239

Tenda Router WPS Pin List


  • C8:3A:35:F3:36:18 : 159390961
  • C8:3A:35:F2:6D:98 : 158877685
  • C8:3A:35:49:98:28 : 48230803
  • C8:3A:35:52:FD:51 : 54388017

Binatone Router Wps Pin

Router Configuration Panel: IP Address, User ID, and Passwords

Company IP Address Username Passwords
Actiontec admin (boşluk)
Actiontec Verizon admin (boşluk)
Airties RT206v2 (TTNET) admin ttnet
Airties RT210 (TTNET) (boşluk) (boşluk)
Airties RT210 (TTNET) admin ttnet
Allied Telesyn manager friend
Apache root veya setup root
Artes admin adslroot
Asus Admin Admin
Aztech admin admin
Aztech admin admin
Bec admin admin
Billion admin admin
Billion Bipac admin password
Bross admin 1234
C-Com Gerekmiyor Gerekmiyor
Cnet admin epicrouter
Corecess 3112 usb admin corecess3112
Corecess 3113 eth admin corecess3113
Creative admin admin
Dibeg 108 dare (boşluk)
D-Link admin admin
Datron ETHERNET admin admin
Datron USB admin admin
Dost GVC admin dostdost
DryTek admin (boşluk)
Dynalink admin admin
E-Con admin admin
Eicon Diva (boşluk) (boşluk)
Everest SG-1400 admin admin
Fishnet AR-1101 (DOPING) admin 1234
Flynet admin admin
Geek admin epicrouter
Geek admin geekadsl
Gezz admin epicrouter
Hayes admin hayesadsl
Home Station DC 213 admin admin
Home Station DC 214 admin password
Hicomm admin epicrouter
Huawei admin ttnet
Inca admin epicrouter
Inca admin epicrouter
Karel admin adslroot
Ladox admin ladox
Loopcom admin epicrouter
Link SYS admin admin
Mercury ADSL admin conexant
Quake admin epicrouter
Onixon root root
Origo Wireless admin kont2004
Origo admin admin
Paradigm admin epicrouter
Pikatel DSL DSL
Pikatel ComboMax admin password
Phlips SNC6500 gerekmiyor admin
Pti 840 admin epicrouter
Pronets admin conexant
Siemens Kendiniz belirleyiniz Kendiniz belirleyiniz
SMC gerekmiyor smcadmin
Speedstream admin kendiniz belirleyiniz
Speedcom admin conexant
SpeedTouch 330 Kendiniz belirleyiniz Kendiniz belirleyiniz
Speedtouch Kendiniz belirleyiniz Kendiniz belirleyiniz
Thomson Kendiniz belirleyiniz Kendiniz belirleyiniz
Tecom root root
USB Robotics admin admin
Zoom X Serisi modem admin zoomadsl
Zte XDSL admin ttnet
ZyXEL admin 1234

MediaPack WPS Pin devices

MODEL: MediaPack 252 MP-252BW
BSSID: 00:90:8f:3a:91:d0 (WLAN)
BSSID: 00:90:8f:3a:91:cc (ETH0)
ISP: iPrimus
WPS: 38384127

Asus WPS Pin devices

BSSID: 20:CF:30:97:D8:E4
WPS: 77898951

Sapido WPS Pin devices

BSSID: 00:d0:41:c3:71:ed
WPS: 79679190

Billion WPS Pin devices

MODEL: Billion BiPac 7800NL
SSID: Billion
BSSID: 00:04:ed:be:75:d8
WPS: 19951683

Edimax WPS Pin devices

BSSID: 80:1F:02:28:C2:E8
WPS: 26713366

Linksys default WPS Pin

BSSID: 20:CF:30:97:D8:E4
WPS: 77898951

How to use WPS Pin

Here’s a step-by-step process to set up a connection using WPS:

  1. Begin by searching for the default IP address of your router. You can do this by mentioning the router’s manufacturer in a Google search, checking the IP address on the router or its packaging, or accessing the router’s configuration portal directly.
  2. Once you’ve accessed the router’s configuration portal, locate the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) options.
  3. Configure the WPS PIN for access within the router’s settings.
  4. On your Android device, navigate to WiFi settings. To do this, go to Settings > WiFi > Advanced.
  5. In the Advanced WiFi settings, enter the WPS PIN that you configured on the router.
  6. Return to your router’s setup page, specifically in the WPS settings section. Enter the PIN you obtained on your phone into the designated PIN box.
  7. Finally, press the WPS start button to establish the connection.

Following these steps, you should now be successfully connected.


In conclusion, a WPS Pin List Free can be a valuable resource for those who find themselves in need of urgent access to their Wi-Fi network. However, it is imperative to use such resources responsibly, ethically, and legally. Always seek proper authorization before attempting to access a network that is not your own, and be aware of the potential legal consequences.

Wi-Fi security is a constantly evolving field, and staying informed about best practices and the latest developments is essential for every network user. Remember that the use of a WPS Pin List Free should only be a last resort, and it is always best to rely on legal and authorized means of network access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About WPS Pin Lists

1. What is a WPS Pin List?

A WPS Pin List is a compilation of Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) that can be used to access Wi-Fi networks when the password is forgotten or inaccessible. It is intended to simplify the process of connecting to Wi-Fi networks securely.

2. How does a WPS Pin List work?

A WPS Pin List works by providing a series of PINs that can be entered into a device to authenticate and connect to a Wi-Fi network. When a valid PIN is entered, it allows the device to establish a connection without the need for a traditional Wi-Fi password.

3. Is it legal to use a WPS Pin List to access Wi-Fi networks?

Using a WPS Pin List to access a Wi-Fi network without authorization is generally considered illegal and a breach of privacy in many countries. It has the potential to result in severe legal repercussions, possibly leading to criminal charges. Always seek explicit permission from the network owner before attempting to use a WPS Pin List.

4. When should I consider using a WPS Pin List?

A WPS Pin List should only be considered as a last resort when you have explicit authorization to access a Wi-Fi network, and all other means of accessing the network have been exhausted. It should not be used for unauthorized access.

5. Are there any risks associated with using a WPS Pin List?

Using a WPS Pin List can have legal and ethical implications, even if you have permission to access the network. It is essential to understand and accept these risks before using a PIN from such a list. Additionally, using unauthorized PINs can potentially disrupt the network’s security.

6. How can I use a WPS Pin List responsibly?

To use a WPS Pin List responsibly, follow these guidelines:

  • Obtain explicit authorization from the network owner.
  • Use PINs only from reputable sources that provide them for authorized purposes.
  • Understand the legal implications and potential risks.
  • Delete the PIN after use and do not share it with others.

7. What is the future of Wi-Fi security?

Wi-Fi security continues to evolve with advancements in technology. As security threats change, new measures and protocols are developed to protect networks. Staying informed about the latest developments in network security is crucial for safeguarding your network.

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